Teeth Cleaning

Brushing and flossing are crucial for your oral health, but they aren't a substitute for routine dental cleanings.

Whether it's been a while since your last cleaning or you're looking for a new dentist, Dr. Mason Pirtle and the team at Precision Dental Partners can help.

Protect your smile with a routine exam and cleaning at our practice in Ballantyne, serving the entire Charlotte, NC, community.

Protect Your Smile From Common Problems Like These

By maintaining a dedicated dental appointment schedule at Precision Dental Partners in Charlotte, you can potentially prevent conditions like:

Tooth Decay

Cavities, or tooth decay, can form on a tooth when bacteria are left unchecked. Fortunately, they're treatable, especially if you go to a dentist regularly enough for them to remove tartar and diagnose problems early at your teeth cleaning appointments.

Missing Teeth

From deep decay to gum disease, many dental conditions can lead to missing teeth. With dental cleanings, we can prevent tooth loss and create an action plan. Already lost a tooth or teeth? We feature restorative dental care like dental implants and crowns.

Infected Root Canals

Root canal infections can be a common result of advanced tooth decay. This unpleasant condition can be caught quickly or even avoided entirely with timely and consistent teeth cleanings at Precision Dental Partners.

Gum Disease

Also known as periodontal disease, this condition begins as a milder, more easily treatable form known as gingivitis, which often causes bleeding while flossing. If it progresses, it can turn into gum disease, leading to further inflammation, pain, and even tooth loss.

How Often Should I Receive a Cleaning?


Generally speaking, most patients will need a cleaning every six months. However, if it's been a while since you've last received dental care, we may ask you to visit us more frequently. We can best assess your exact needs when you visit us for an initial appointment.

Nervous About Your Cleaning? Let Our Real Charlotte, NC, Patients Reassure You



Charlotte, NC


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I highly recommend this office if you are looking for dental care! My first time gong to Precision Dental for teeth cleaning, exam, and wisdom tooth extraction. Wow, what a fantastic experience. This is an exceptional team. Amber is a highly knowledgeable and gentle hygienist. Dr. Pirtle is very knowledgeable, pleasant, careful, and calming and his assistant Lily is on the mark. Lexi at the front desk is welcoming and helpful with all aspects of the appointments, insurance, etc. An excellent experience in every way!

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William Clements 3

Charlotte, NC


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Visit after visit, the end result is exactly the same- outstanding service and experience. Dr. Pirtle and staff excel at making you feel at ease, but more than that, they do such a great job at making you feel excited about coming in. Cleanings are a breeze (Amber specifically is a dream) and if you are someone who frets the dentist, Precision Dental Partners is the place for you! I'd easily go 12 stars if that was a thing.

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Why Charlotte, NC, Patients Choose Our Office in Ballantyne

Free Consultations

Don't know if Dr. Pirtle is the dentist for you? Our entire team aims to earn your trust, starting with a free consultation.

That way, you have all the resources you need to make the best decision for your oral health.


Dental anxiety is a real problem for many patients. We can work with you to make your cleaning more relaxing with sedation dentistry. Currently, we offer three options: IV sedation, nitrous oxide sedation, and oral conscious sedation.

Wide Range of Care

Whether you need a dental cleaning, you need tooth loss treatment, or both, our Ballantyne dentists can assist. After your smile is healthy, we can even help you explore cosmetic dentistry options like veneers and teeth whitening.

Visit a Team

That Doesn't Judge 

At our dental office in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC, we know it can take bravery to visit the dentist. As a result, Dr. Pirtle and our team will never shame or judge you. Instead, we'll work with you with respect and understanding to get your oral health back into shape.

We even feature options to keep you relaxed during treatment, like nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation. That way, you can have a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come without stress.

If you're ready to find treatment from a team that cares, contact our office or call:

(704) 771-1371

Invest in Your Smile By Choosing Our Practice

The health of our teeth and gums drastically impact our lives, affecting our diet, appearance, and confidence. Naturally, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality practice, even for routine dental cleanings.

Though we are not in-network with any insurance providers, we will still be happy to file a claim on your behalf, as you still may be able to apply your benefits to your treatment. 

What Does a Dental Cleaning Do That I Can't Just Handle at Home?

By brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, you're doing a great service for your oral and overall health. However, there are just some things that you can't do at home, like:

Remove Stubborn Tartar

Plaque can form on our teeth after we eat. While we can often remove it with flossing or brushing, remaining plaque may harden into tartar. Once that happens, the only thing you can do to remove it is visit a dentist.

Assess Potential Dental Problems

Routine dental visits allow us to catch small issues before they snowball into big problems. For instance, our dentist may notice some early tooth decay, allowing him to treat the area with a filling instead of a more intensive dental crown.

Create a Treatment Plan

If you do have a dental condition that needs treatment, you've come to the right team. Our dentist offers comprehensive services to improve your health and oral function, like fillings, dental crowns, and dental implants.

I Can't Tell if I Have Tartar. What Does It Look like?

teeth with tartar

When plaque hardens, it turns into brown or yellow dental calculus known as tartar. You may not see tartar immediately, unless you have a lot of buildup. However, you may be able to feel this gritty substance on your teeth.

It comes part and parcel with problems like gum disease and tooth decay — and you can't just get rid of it on your own. As a result, it's crucial for patients to attend regular dental cleanings at our Charlotte office, where we can remove it efficiently.

Beautiful, Healthy Smiles for Charlotte, NC Patients Feel at Home at Our Office in Ballantyne


Meghan Kirkland

Charlotte, NC


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Dr. Pirtle is the best. He really takes time to listen to your issues and explores all the possible alternatives to help fix them. He is pleasant, kind, calm, personable, and professional. I am glad that I have found such a wonderful doctor.

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Diana Kravchenko

Charlotte, NC


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Dr. Pirtle and his team are all so sweet. After years of dental anxiety, they made me feel so comfortable at their office. I truly enjoy going there now

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